Exceptional Setting

At Secret Garden, children benefit from exclusive access to our private grounds of some five acres.

Nursery children have continuous access to a number of enclosed outdoor play areas close to the main house, featuring a wide range of equipment and resources.

The ‘Garden’ adjoins the house and accommodates a wendy house, baby climbing frames, slides and a paved area for bikes and trikes. There is also a herb garden, water play zone, digging area and sand pit.

Beyond the Garden, we have a large enclosed area known as the ‘Yard’ featuring a climbing frame made from tractor tyres, picnic tables and accommodation for various small animals including rabbits and quail.

The ‘Secret Garden Farm’ is adjacent to the nursery and is home to a flock of sheep, goats, ducks, horses and a donkey. The farm comprises a barn, stables, paddocks and pens including an animal petting and grooming area.

Children visit the farm regularly to see the animals and participate in ‘Farm School’ learning and development activities, such as bottle feeding baby lambs and collecting and packing eggs.

Beyond the farm, the ‘Secret Garden Woods’ and surrounding fields provide a secure area for children to take part in ‘Forest School’ activities.

Our extensive grounds are a haven for a variety of wildlife too. Children will be able to see wild deer, rabbits and various birds including owls, buzzards, pheasant, woodpeckers and herons.

2018 FACE Farmer & Educator Membership badge

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