Register for Summer School 2018!

Join us for ‘Summer School’ 2018!

Secret Garden will be offering 4-9 year olds an extensive programme of outdoor-based enrichment over the Summer holidays.

What’s on offer?

From building bridges over the stream in our woodland, to painting self-portraits in our dedicated ‘Art Studio’, children will be able to develop their mind, body and spirit through positive outdoor experiences.

With an on site farm featuring livestock, horses, poultry and rabbits, ‘Farm School’ and animal care is a big part of our programme.

But we’re going much further than that! We’re incorporating an academic element to our programme, with activities that develop knowledge and interest in Science, English and Maths. We also provide all meals including a ‘Cultural breakfast’ experience!


What are the fees?

School Day Fees (8.30am to 4pm) are £38 per day and include all meals, activities and drinks.

An extended day is available (until 6pm) through our After School Club programme. This is priced at £7 per day and includes a meal and drinks.

Discounts are available too – please see our pricing document for more information!


How do I book?

For more information or to obtain a booking form, please contact our wonderful Summer School Team on

Alternatively please call Lauren, Summer School Manager, on 07487 375684